Usb drivers gone

My mouse & keyboard recently stopped working and it appears that I have lost my usb drivers.
I have tried uninstall & reinstall and even used the original driver discs.
I even tried to install a new usb pci card which windows appeared to accept but in device manager the usb entries have the yellow exclamation marks.
when i try to update the drivers i get this message come up "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)".
I have serached for answers but cannot find any help on this specific problem, can anyone help me please?
P.S. I am running windows xp Media center edition 2005
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  1. Plug them into the motherboard's USB ports. Go into the device manager, right click and uninstall all of the USB root hubs, then restart the PC. They will reinstall on restart, and look for new hardware attached.
  2. I had already tried that, Windows recognizes the usb hardware on boot up and installs it but I still have the yellow exclamation marks against the USB drivers when I go back into device manager.
    I am now being told that I have to reinstall Windows but I really dont want to do that with all the stuff I have on my hard drive.
    i tried to do a repair from the original install disc but it says that I cannot do this as my version of Windows is newer than the one on the disc.
    Grrrrrrr........... this is very irritating! :fou:
  3. After it recognizes the USB hardware, do any of the USB devices show up in the device manager correctly (ex: is the mouse or keyboard showing under the keyboard and mice section)?

    You're getting that message, because your install has been updated beyond what is on the disc. Your install may be SP2 or SP3, while your disc may be SP1, for example. To get around this, you can create a new XP disc, by downloading the updates, and slipstreaming them into a new install disc with nlite.
  4. The mouse & keyboard are both recognised but I have them plugged into the ps/2 sockets at the moment so that I can use them.
    I have disabled the original usb devices in device manager, I tried to uninstall them but Windows reinstalls them as soon as I reboot my PC along with the new ones but none of them work.
    I did have SP1 on the original disc but have since updated to sp2/3.
    Do you think an install of a new XP or even Windows 7 would work?
  5. Instead of disabling them, try uninstalling them, and then restarting. They will still reinstall, and then you won't have possible conflicts.
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