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Hi, can someone please help me trouble shoot what's wrong with my computer? It keeps crashing! Here's the deal. My PSU (600W)died on my system running Prime95, and I replaced it (750 Corsair). After replacing...all was well. worked I decided to run Prime95 and it shut down after about 15 mins. It wouldn't boot up properly after that. Blue screen then restarts. Almost loads windows, but not quite. Runs about 5 Mins in safe mode. All my temps are fine as I looked as soon as it loaded and watched them untill it shut down on Everest. I reset the bios, and I'm not sure what some of the V's or settings are suposed to be now. It might be right, and CPU is going or MOBO isn't holding up... Any help would be appreciated.

-ECS GeForce 8200A
-AMD 9950 BE 3.1MHz 1.350V (i think)
-8G G*Skill ram (took 4G out...same results)
-corsair 750W PSU
-CRCT Freezer 120MM
-more fans
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  1. I think your mobo isn't holding up? I don't know if I read your post correctly, but I don't think you listed it. What mobo are you using?
  2. I'm using an ECS GeForce 8200A black series mobo. I have a feeling it's the mobo too, but I don't know what happens when they go.
  3. Sorry, I just found this: Help Overclocking AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition. Maybe that topic provides the info you're looking for.
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