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i recently overhauled my system replacing everything except my cd-drive and hard drive. I want to format my hard drive and install a fresh copy of windows but i run into a problem when i boot from the windows xp home edition (sp1) cd. i am able to boot from the cd, and all of the set up files load, but on the first screen where i am presented with install options (enter to install new copy) it freezes. i have my cd drive and hard drive running on one ide cable (the p5q-e only allows for one).

any ideas?

here is my set up:
bfg 8800gts
4gb nvidia SLI DDR2 ram (2x2gb)
my hard drive was bought in summer 2007, im not sure of the specifics
my disk drive is older than that, possibly 4-5 years old (still perfectly functional tho)
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  1. Do you have the hard drive and optical on the correct ends of the IDE cable. I recently had similar problems and someone suggested that making sure your drives were correctly positioned might be a fix. Be sure that the hard drive is at the end of the cable and is the master.

    Have you tried taking out all but 1 stick of RAM and seeing if it installs? It could be 1 stick, so try both and see if you get the same results.

    Is everything showing up in the BIOS? Ie can the mobo 'see' the hard drive etc.

    I'd assume that the hard drive was working from your last build, but it might be worth creating a bootable diagnostic CD (from the hard drive manufacturer to test if the drive is good). Similarly, you could make a bootable memtest86 CD to check your memory.

    Just some thoughts.
  2. i did as you instructed and i now have m hdd on the end of the cable and set to master and my cd-drive set to slave on the same cable, it recognizes my cd drive, but it acts as tho there is no cd in there. when i go to windows xp it does not initially recognize that there is a cd in the drive, but if i insert the cd after windows has started up it will read the cd just fine.

    if i have the cd-drive set to master and hdd set to slave i can boot from cd but it freezes on the windows set up blue screen
  3. You need to set it to boot off of the cd again, also it is possible your cde is damaged...inspect it carefully on both sides, hold it up to the light, any "pinholes of light" are bad news.
  4. i had tried setting it so my cd-drive was the only bootable device and it still would not recognize the cd
  5. not sure what you mean by "pinholes of light" but this cd drive is from 2003 so theres a good chance its botch
  6. bump?
  7. It may NOT be right to set HDD to Master and CD to Slave. Many newer systems establish this by the position on the cable and use a system called "Cable Select". In your case, you must set the jumpers on BOTH HDD and CD drive to "Cable Select", then ensure the HDD is the one on the END of the cable (automatically the Master) and the CD is on the middle connector.

    By the way, you also should have a ribbon cable with 80 wires in it, not 40, even though there are only 40 pins on the connectors. That is necessary for the high data transfer rates on newer systems. You may already have this - just check.
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