Getting PhysX on a 8800gt

How can I run the PhysX stuff on my 8800gt. I'd prefer not to mod drivers or risk BSODing my PC. I understand that there are drivers that can help me with this (or there will be soon).

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  1. So far, all i know is you gotta be running the 177.39, 177.40 or 177.41 to run the PhysX drivers from NVidia. I tried running modded drivers and had all kinds of issues. Mostly lockups and bluescreens. So, now i'm back to 175.19 drivers and no PhysX. :(

    There's a chance that NVidia will add support for the 8800GTs for the PhysX driver, but i doubt that chance exists only because i've read that NVidia may be dropping support for the 8-series.

    I could be mistaken though...

    If someone has heard or read differently, please post. Thanx...
  2. Well even if they drop support for the 8 series, if you download the beta drivers off their site then you have PhysX enabled, end of story. Its just a matter of snagging them before they remove/modify them if they do indeed drop 8 series support.
  3. I haven't seen any drivers beta or otherwise on nv's site that enable physx on 8800 series cards, do you have a link to them?
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