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I just got my 4850. Which drivers do you recommend? I have the 8.6 (8.50.1) downloaded from ATi, 8.6 (8.50.3) came with video card, and 8.7 beta (8.52.0) and the Catalyst hotfix for the 4800 series.

Which do you guys recommend using? Thanks!
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  1. I'm also fishing for the answer. Just ordered my Asus 4850 off Newegg and will be expecting it shortly. I've been browsing around trying to find the best drivers for it right now.

    Some have had success with the hotfix, others with the 8.7 beta. Hopefully in the next week or 2 ATI will publish an official 4800 driver.
  2. Yeah, that's the same one I got. Pretty good deal!
  3. 8.7 beta is ok for me, however AA & AF work properly only in "application controlled" mode.

    I had a lot of problems with 8.6. The 4800 hot fix was better but I couldn't make it to force vsync on.
  4. i use 8.7

    no problems smooth as ice
  5. a 6pack in said:
    i use 8.7

    no problems smooth as ice

    Thanks. I'll give those ones a shot.
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