Please help me kickstart this OC thing :D

I know I'm a noob, and this is waay out of my understanding at the moment, but would love to try, figure out and understand. But I need some info from people who know what this is all about!

Here's my system, hope it's enough info!!

Intel Core Duo E6600 BOXED
Asus P5B P965 motherboard
Geforce 8800GTS 580M 320MB
4gb RAM
Vista 32bit Home Premium

that I understand is the most important things to work with!

I've been going through the forums, trying to understand, but now I got a headacke! Can anyone help me please!

I want to speed up what ever I can on this system, and need som info on how to do ( i've downloaded NVtray and setfsb, but not sure how to use it :D )
I understand that cpu should be OC in Bios.. but I've lost track on all the inputs there
What volt, vcore multiplier and all these names...

Can anyone just give me a push .. so I have something to start with?
Some numbers, what I should change first, second and so on, so I can see what it's all about?

Please don't flame me for this, as I have no idea where to start... as all tells me not to use and window based software to OC, but do it in Bios .. and for this I am a fresh noobie...
Don't feed me to the wolfs :D
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  1. Start in the BIOS. Read the C2D and C2Q overclocking guide in the stickies.
  2. agree with AKM880. You must read the guide to overclocking and do your overclock in BIOS.

    First find out the voltage range for your CPU & Ram
    then find out what your fsb is and dont worry about then multiplier.
    Find out the max cpu temp for your chip not vcore.
    Download Prime 95, coretemp, real temp and speedfan.

    If you dont understand or know how to find this info then I recommend you dont overclock till you do.
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