Trojan has stopped my computer in it's tracks

Hi Everyone,

My computer (Toshiba Tecra A9) recently experienced a Trojan infection. I have AVG installed, and it did detect the Trojan, it even went as far as to reboot my computer (to ensure complete removal).

However once my computer rebooted it would not boot into Windows (XP). Instead it just "sat" at a black screen.

I have attempted to boot into safe mode, however it gets stuck here as well.

It won't even boot into the XP Recovery Console. After setting the boot device as CD, inserting the Windows XP installation CD, booting and selecting "R" for the recovery console I get the following on screen:

If anybody has any suggestions on how I can proceed they will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. You may have to do a Repair Install. Michael Stevens has a good step by step description here. Done correctly, you will not lose your "My Documents." After the repair install you will have to download and reinstall all the MS XP security updates.
  2. Just put a new hard disk in, reinstalled, etc...

    Couldn't take a risk with the old drive as a Trojan (amongst many) had put roots into the MBR. Obviously if you delete the MBR then all of the data on a disk is unaccessible.

    Thanks for the suggestions though...
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    You're welcome. A good solution if you cleanse the old HDD of malware before you "save" its data.
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