Reinstall windows vista from recovery disk after wiping and erasing the hard dri

I have completely wipe and erased the hard drive (everything in it) using the recovery disk. when I try to reinstall it from the recovery dvd, there is no option for selecting the operating system and other things. I dont now how to continue.

Please help

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  1. If it's a factory recovery DVD, you boot your computer from it and a recovery screen should appear.
    There is normally no choice of operating system or other options when you use a factory recovery DVD.
    You just follow the instructions on the recovery screen.

    If nothing is happening , you may need to go into the "BIOS Setup" utility and set the DVD drive as the first boot device.
    When you turn on the PC, be ready to press the appropriate key for "Setup" as shown on the manufacturer's splash-screen.
    This will take you into the "BIOS Setup" utility.
    Go to the "Boot" section and put "DVD drive" at the top of the boot device list.
    Then "Save & Exit" (F10).
    You PC should then boot from the recovery DVD.
  2. You are not suppose to format the hdd, there is a hidden partition that Vista creates that has your Cd key and pre-requisites for doing a rcovery or repair. Basically, you have destroyed that partition and you will need a Vista OS disk for a new install.

    The Recovery disk should have been used to REPAIR the problem not destroy everything.

    You could try the Recovery disk again and see if there is a Repair option, it might be able to re-install the OS however, the disk would have to be a proprietory manufacturer like Dell or HP or other, for that to work.
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