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Hey guys, quick question.

I am planning on getting a the Xigmatek Dark Knight pretty soon here, but I was wondering if I could buy a replacement fan for it. Right now it has a white LED fan on the CPU, but I am looking for a red LED to go along with the theme in my case. I have looked around quite a bit, but all of the fans I come across are for 3-pin connectors, no 4-pin CPU fans.

I know Xigmatek has a fan that goes with the Red Scorpion that has a red tint to the fan blades. Do you think I can purchase that fan from them?



p.s. This is to replace a Zerotherm CF-800 cooling a P4 530 lol. Planning on going Core i7 in the near future so that is why I am buying a cooler for both.
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  1. IIRC, you can plug in 3-pin connectors to a 4-pin CPU fan port. Ah yes, here's a thread covering that:
  2. Yeah, but what about PWM? I would want my CPU fan controlled by the MB rather than having it at full blast all the time.
  3. Xilence makes a very nice looking red-bladed PWM fan, but no LED's.
    Antec has the Tri-cool fans with red LED's and a three speed switch... but no PWM but would still keep the noise down.
    You could just buy a Red Scorpion but I take it you are interested in the Dark Knight's black nickel finish. (The Red Scorpion looks more orange to me?)

    Some motherboards can control 3-pin fans. My Gigabyte can, but my Asus cannot. What MB do you have?

    You could call Xigmatek customer support @ 1-888-839-6898 and inquire about getting the RS fan you are interested in I guess.
  4. This one doesn't have LEDs, but is a 4-pin PWM with red blades:
    for $8.09.
    I think this is the same fan that rwpritchett linked as a Xilence fan, as the pictures show the Xilence name on it.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys!

    Yeah I am considering calling Xigmatek about the fan. I have an Asus P5K-E motherboad. I would buy the scorpion, but the black nickel finish on the Dark Knight to go along with my CM Storm Scout will be good. I suppose I can use the white LED for a while until I find a new fan.
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