Best way to use a SSD?

Windows 7 will be out soon, with support for the TRIM command to keep SSD's running smooth.

Now that one more objection to them has been removed, I've heard different opinions on how to best use a SSD.

One school of thought is to get the biggest one you can and use it to mount the OS, programs, and your most often used files. That way you reap the benefits of SSD speed most often. There are caveats, such as you must disable defrag , etc.

Another school of thought is that you should mount the OS to a regular platter drive, and use the SSD as a program server. This spares the SSD from the wear and tear of swap files. After all, you only have to boot up once!

I'd be interested in hearing the user community's opinion. What are you all doing out there with your SSDs?


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  1. Intel claims it's drives are good for at least 5 years even if you write 20GB/day to them. I wouldn't hesitate to put on OS on those drives. Haven't heard any claims from the other manufacturers, though, and it's one of the reasons I'd chose Intel's drives over them.
  2. Starting similar project. Hate windows load times. so want the operating system on 2x30GB ocz agility ssds, and load all else on 1TB WD black HDD. Still trying to figure out how to best set this up. thinking first install Hdd in raid 1 follwed by installing 2 ssds in raid 0.
    ANY IMPUT would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Just buying a better/faster SSD is alot easier, so you can use it without RAID. The Intel X25-M would be alot better in small writes than 2x indilinx SSDs in RAID0.
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