Would I benefit from a Dual Band N Router?

I am trying to decide between getting a standard N linksys router or a dualband linksys router.

I have a cable internet connection and will have the following drawing off of the connection:
2 PCs
1 wireless printer
2 Nintendo DSs
1 Nintendo Wii
& 1 laptop

The only thing I stream is the viewing of random youtube videos.

Do you think Dual Band is warranted in this situtation or would a single band be more than enough?
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  1. To use "N" wireless the devices at both ends must both be "N" type.
    How many of those items listed are actually "N" wireless devices?
    Most will run on "B/G" so dual band might benefit you there.

    Same is true for any manufacturers enhancements to the wireless standards. Example: Super G
    The device at both ends of the connection must be capable of using the wireless enhancements.

    Read the reviews at Newegg for the router you are planning to buy.
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