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Hello everyone,

I have settled on a Q6600 as a processor for the new machine I am building. It is intended to serve as a gaming/programming rig for the next 2 years (at which point Nehalem should be firmly in budget range). I will probably settle on either a 4850, 4870, or gtx 260 as my video card.

I plan to overclock the Q6600 without pushing it too hard (ideally want to get it in the 3.0-3.2 ghz range). I do not intend to use Crossfire or SLI at any point in the future. What board would be a good budget selection around or under $100? What board would be good in the $150 range and what advantages would it provide over the budget board?

Thanks a lot for any info you can provide.
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  1. I like Asus so here goes.

    Asus P5Q SE/R - $104

    Asus P5Q-E - $159

    The -E variant adds 8 phase power (should be better for Quad oc) 2 extra sata ports, another PCI-e16x slot, a 4x PCI-e slot, firewire, esata and more USB header connects

    By the sounds of things you wont need the extra PCI-e. Firewire and Esata are nice but some will never use. The big plus is the 8phase for the quad
  2. get the 4870 - same price and thoroughly beastly performance.

    +1 for the mobo choice Chookman!
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