motherboard/cpu issue. Cant decide which is the problem

I just built a new comp for a buddy of mine. Got it all put together and when i hit power button i get no video and short constant beeps until i power the system back down. All of the fans work fine. I messed around with alot of things and have it down to two possibilites. The beeping stopped when i removed the atx cable that sends power to the cpu. So i figure its gotta be the cpu or the motherboard its self. I removed everything else including the ram and all of the cables attached to the motherboard just leave the 20 pin connector, the atx cable, and the heat sink fan plugged in. Again i had the beeping so i can rule everything else out besides the cpu and the motherboard. I removed the atx cable powered back up and no beeping. So its got something to do with that atx cable.
Is there a better chance that its my motherboard or the cpu at this point? Could be the power supply with a bad cable i suppose but its powering up all of the fans just fine. Im not an experienced builder and could sure use the help figuring this one out.
Its a biostar MCP6P-M2 amd motherboard with short constant beeps if that helps. And the proceesor is a Althon 64 3200+.
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  1. Check to make sure that there are no extra motherboard standoffs attached to the case underneath the motherboard. An extra standoff where there is not a screw hole in the motherboard can contact the underside of the board and short it out, causing a problem similar to what you are describing. About 6 years ago I had a similar issue that had me pulling my hair out until I discovered and removed the extra standoff. (these look like a copper post with screw threads that go into the case itself and a threaded hole on top that accepts the screw coming through the motherboard)
  2. Just looked underneath the MB and pulled an extra stand-off out of the case. Fired the motherboard back up and still have the beeping with no video :(. Im at wits end here. Anyone else have any suggestions short of throwing the whole rig out my window id be happy to hear them.
  3. I would first try to reset the CMOS on the motherboard to reset the factory settings and see if that stops it. Go into your BIOS and go into the health tab and check for the fans rpm and temps. Make sure the mobo alarm isnt going off trying to tell you its overheating or the fans are below rpms. It could be an alarm going off.

    Your cpu might not be seated correctly or something to that effect...
  4. Hi
    Your problem colud be because of many things.Its best to go step wise.
    1. Dismount your board completely from the cabinet. Keep in on a plastic of wooden surface.Now check the proper seating of the CPU with the stock heat sink(in case you have used a different heat sink).Then attach all the power cables and the RAM sticks.Put one stick at a time.Remove all other cards and fans from the board.Remove even the hard disk.Just keep the CPU,ram adn power cables connected and power on.If you are still getting a beep then your case is not shorting(try this combination with all single seperate sticks of ram).

    2. If you are still getting beeps then try with another power supply, then with another Processor if possible.It's good to isolate the problem in a specific component.

    If the problem persists then post what happened during these steps.I will be waiting for a reply.
  5. Have you tried looking up the beep codes? Anyway alot of the newer motherboards won't beep or anything if that 4 or 8 pin power connector isn't plugged in. You may want to try a different power supply if you can.
  6. Alright here is an update of where im at. I switched power supplies and the same beep came back so we can rule that out. I also now know its not the case as i took it out of the case and tried. I keep coming back to its ethier the processor or the motherboard. I dont have another processor to stick in the system ethier.
    If it is the processor would that explain me getting no video? I do get power to the keyboard when i have it plugged in. I will keep at it and call a few people i know that might have an extra cpu laying around.
    TY very much for all of the help and thoughts so far. I wouldnt be so desperate if i didnt tell someone this comp would be at there house and ready to go tomorrow lol. I should know better but ive built a few now and have never run into something i cant fix in a couple hrs with all the parts working that is.
  7. Good you have tried all these things the final thing is to get any compatible processor or ram to test if the motherboard is faulty.Just one more thing try the beep codes as mentioned in the earlier post.You can google them and then match them.
  8. Alright Rahul i did everything you said except put the ram in 1 at a time. Well i did that and bingo baby we have lift off!!!! I am so happy i have a site like this to go to when im really stumped. As i gain more knowledge i will definetly try to return the favor for ppl that are like i was 2nite.
    I was a little peaved 2nite to because i had just backed Biostar as a good motherboard name as ive never had any trouble with them. Now i can go to bed happy.
    I do have one non related question though if any1 has time. Can i take the hard drive out of an old comp and run it on the one i just built? And if i can how is this done? Im just wondering because ive seen somewhere that if you do that you need to reinstall windows on the hard drive or the motherboard wont recognise the hard drive. I remember though when i didnt touch comps and i had a few guys put new mbs in for me they were able to do it. So i dont know at any rate thks for all of the help.
  9. I would suggest you reformat the hd for an installation of another hd. I know that you can do a repair install and overwrite the files to make windows work with the new hardware. You will still have to install the drivers.

    You will likely have to repair install any programs that were already on the hd so you will want to have the installation disks for those programs handy. But again, I recommend just formatting the hd and installing a fresh copy of windows.
  10. I have similar problem as Bechidow. However, I get neither the video nor the beep when I power on the PC. I also try to build a PC with Biostar MCP6P-M2 motherboard and AMD Athon X2 4400 CPU. One thing: I use an old eMachine case and PSU which only has 20 pin power connector while the motherboard has 24 pin power connector. HELP!
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