New hackintosh build!

I hope you can see that. If not I'll update shortly.

I'm wondering if a 580 watt hiper PSU could power the 3ghz dual core/8800GTS/4GB of ram/blu ray drive/2 Hard drives/3 120mm fans. It seems like it might be pushing the limit. I don't have a quad core because they tend to have trouble in OSX. I also don't like quad cores because there are few applications that use all 4 cores and for the same money a dual core obviously outperforms a quadcore on single thread apps. ( I think ) Also some of the stuff is from my other rig (bios is messed up beyond belief, I can't fix it ) like the 4gb of ram for ex. the mobo, graphics and processor are new.

If anyone here knows about OSX86 ( I got it working on one computer ):
I'm mostly wondering if
is a good base since on the wiki there is some discrepancy.

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  1. Dude, go buy a Mac.
  2. Depending on what version of OSX86 you intend on installing will determine the most suitable board. Or, you could look at something like this, supposed to be relased on 23rd June.
  3. .......$ 965.92 for a computer that has NO DRIVER SUPPORT FROM THE OS PRODUCER.........

    while your at it i got some magic beans I want to sell......

    Refurbished iMac 20-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo for 1099.00

    this model come with the support most people expect when paying the price.
  4. rgsaunders I think that your link didn't get posted correctly, but the EFIX flash drive is not to be sold in the US and I don't really need it. Or psystar which is a bit better but again costs a couple hundred at least over the materials. Have you installed OSX86 on any of your machines?

    Pcgamer12, I am building this machine so that I can have Mac OSX and Vista. This is more of an experiment than anything else and I have nothing to lose. I frequently argue against OSX because of the profit margins apple demands but now that I can freely experiment with OSX I want to see if it is any good. It's not that hard really with Kalyway 10.5.2 out and I enjoy challenges.
  5. Macer1 my computer is a crapload more powerful than that iMac so there is really no comparison. With OC up to 3.7-4GHZ I doubt it can compete. It doesn't have 4gb of ram and I doubt it has an 8800GT. 1/2 of these parts are from my other PC and the actual total for the new parts is a mere 500. That's something that you can't do with MACs which always made me angry. Specialized RAM and components that apple price-controls. The OSX86 forum is plenty support ( all 7XXX and 8XXX graphics supported along with every single processor SSE2 or SSE3 ) The only issue is finding the right motherboard.
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