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Alright, so I've got the very first model of Raptor and I'm using it as my system drive. It's the thirty five ish GB one for more clarity. It's still running great. My question though, is if the new spinpoint F1's or WD black drives would have caught up because of higher areal density or other improvements in tech. IIRC the original raptor wasn't even a true SATA drive and instead had a onboard converter. So to phrase it differently, would it be better to use that as the system drive still or buy a current spinpoint F1 or WD black for that purpose?
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  1. A current gen Seagate 7200.12 or WD Black (or Spinpoint F3) would be just as fast as a first gen Raptor, with the added benefits of being lower power, larger, and quieter.
  2. Enough to defeat the raw access time the 10,000 spindle speed awards the raptor? Especially just for system drive use, I've got other stuff for just data storage - including a jerry rigged NAS.
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    In most cases, yes. A current gen 7200 will match or beat a first gen raptor in almost any task.
  4. i had a similar question about a 1st gen raptor vs f2eg 5.4krpm.So i"ve desided to run apps and games from the raptor (as the raptor was faster with small or medium sized folders). But a 7200 rpm? is egual maybe better overall.
  5. PS. The noise coming out of this raptor(when is used for o.s)....unbearable!!!
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