GTX 280 and Power Connection/Supply

I'm about to power up my system just need to install the power supply.

I've installed an xfx gtx 280 card and i'm just trying to figure out the power has 1 8pin port and one 6pin

The power supply i have (non-modular) is a gigabyte odin 1200W ( the cables are labelled to pci-e on one end and to 12v3 rail or 12v4 rail (both 12v3 and 12v4 have same amps of 30)

The pci-e are 8pin with 2 which can be move aside (clips on and off) so is it ok if i connect the 6pin to the 6pin port on the card and leave the other 2 unconnected???????
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  1. Should be ok, I see no reason why it shouldn't work. What would be the point to have a 6+2pins if you can only use it as a 8 pins :P
  2. that's what i'm thinking but i'd like some more replies before i actually test it out

    just popped into my head, the graphic card came with a 6 pin/2 3pin connectors i'll post a pic
  3. I am sure you will need to connect both the 6 and 8 pin connectors from your PSU??
  4. connect as much as possible.
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