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having problem need help, my Seagate Barracuda ST340016A is on Security Lock, I accidentally locked it myself was toying my drive. How do i unlock the drive is my big big problem, can anyone help with this? :cry: help help.........
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  1. Even if I knew how to do so, no one can give you specific steps here. Sorry for the doubt but for all we know you're "toying" around with a stolen hard disk. Your best bet is to contact Seagate directly for help.
  2. for you information i do not buy or stole anybody's hard disk, this is mine, i was trying to repair my hard drive it has saome bad sector, i was using a Hiren's Boot Cd's. let be clear about stolen property and i dont' go for anti fencing. for your information r_manic
  3. It depends...
    If you just enable password protection without setting a password, the defaults can be found using Google (I'm not going to post them here). If you set a password, the only people who can un-lock it are Seagate,
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