ATI & x48 t2rs

Hey everyone,

I've been lurking this DFI subsection of the forum and was wondering if the DK X48-T2RS was compatible with an ATI HD4850 running in CrossFire.

Someone on newegg said good luck if using an ATI card. Another thread said that ATI and DFI are blaming each other for incompatability.

Now, I want the real answer with someone who may be running this particular mobo with the ATI 48xx series graphics cards.

New system build:

antec truepower quattro 1000w
3 sata hd's

Im leaning towards getting this board vs. the x38 version. What do you guys recommend?
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  1. You could always get another brand of mobo
  2. I'd take some of the reviews on newegg with a grain of salt. The review you reference, the guy complains about a 3870X2, but then there are also at least two other reviews where folks mention ATI cards having no issues at all; one where the review states 2-3650's in CF with no issue and another where the review states a 3870 with no issue and that "3dmark06 scored ~11000 with no overclocking using the latest ATI drivers (Catalyst 8.4)". So...

    DFI mobos are known to be solid and reliable, so i wouldn't let newegg reviews steer you away to another brand.
  3. OP: DFI isn't the only brand affected, but yes there is/was an issue with the X48 boards and the new 4870x2 card. DFI have already created an updated Bios which fixes the issue. There are still potential problems if you intend on running Crossfire X (2, 4870x2), at least as far as the last I read on it. A little birdie put the new Bios up on Rapidshare, tho I don't know if this link is still good: I don't see the new bios' on the US boards yet, tho.

    The original thread on the DFI forums - Be advised it got a little heated in there for a while. The end result, though, is DFI engineers worked through a weekend to get a fix completed.

    If you need - How to flash the Bios from a USB stick.


    Oh - I have a 4870x2 happily running on a DFI (LP P35 T2R). Nice card!

    Install notes: Cleaned out the nVidia drivers, rebooted and then used CCClean to make sure the job was done... Shut down. Unplug. Swapped cards (8800GTX out, 4870x2 in). Same general size as the 8800GTX, but heavier and a little fatter. Had to use the included adapters to power the 8pin connector (have a call in to OCZ asking if it's possible to buy a dedicated 8 pin cable). Plugged in my 'old' 24" monitor and the new Monitor/HDTV (Samsung T260HD) into the two slots. Apply power - boots fine. Place my icy cold beverage on the supplied ATi CD, and hit their webside for the latest drivers. Download/save... Fire it up... Answer the usual questions...

    Oop.. Screens went blank after 'invalid connection type' error <worry, worry>

    Well... The hard drive is still churning away... Might be a good time to walk away for a few minutes.

    Damn.... Can't walk away... <waits, a little anxious, staring at the blank screens>

    WOOT!! PICTURES!! Yah, I want to Extend the Desktop, not duplicate it... Restart...

    Works Great!

    Yah - It runs warm. A little poking around the web gets me the instructions to change the default fan speed (picked 40%) - GPU Temps drop from 90c to 50c. Not *too* obnoxiously loud...

    Result - Frame rates are clearly up, even with the addition of a second monitor at 19x12 res. Water looks better and opague effects (smoke/clouds, magic and whatnot) easily look nicer.

    Yah - I like this card. :)
  4. I got the Asus Rampage (x48) and I have no issues what so ever. My 4870x2 runs like a dream on it!
  5. I think my brother is using the x38 version for his 2x 4870's with no problems (other then the problem with the fanspeed being, by default, insanely low)
  6. wow, thank you for your responses..

    i plan on running 2 4850's in CF and looks like it will work!

    i wanted to get DFI b/c of its reputation to OC well and be rather lower priced than other boards..

    from what i have read, it seems the problem arises only with the 3870x2 which was given up on and 4870x2 which has now been fixed..

    i will buy the board soon!
  7. good luck man, let us know how it goes!
  8. I completed my build (well for the most part minus another hd 4850 that i'm getting tomorrow).

    The build has been fun and the results are pretty good. Parts:

    Q6600 - g0 (OC'ed to a modest 3.0)
    Arctic Freezer 7 Pro (BARELY fit on this mobo)
    LP DK X38 T2RB
    4x2GB OCZ Platinum
    2x 7200.10 Seagate HD's in RAID 0
    1x WD HD (media storage/backup)
    2x ati 4850's
    Cheap Thermaltake case

    So I set up everything (with only 1 hd 4850) and ran the windows experience index.. got 5.9's across the board. Yeah, the windows experience index isnt too accurate huh?

    I ran 3DMark06 and got a final score of 18,212. I'm not sure if that's too good or not but I'll run it again after I get the other card.

    I played Crysis and ran it at 1680x1050 on High and it ran pretty smoothly. (I don't know THAT much about trying to use different settings or whatever but I think I had AAx2 on and it was pretty smooth)

    The DFI Lanparty DK X38 has been great! I really like this motherboard except I wish they had better cooling solutions for the NB and SB (maybe it's the case). The NB is warm to the touch (but not burning). and the SB runs a little hotter than the NB (due to RAID 0?).

    If you guys find out about cpu coolers that fit on this board and performs better than the arctic freezer 7 pro, please inform me! (i had it lying around so I just used it).
  9. OK, here are two:

    TRUE (thermalright ultra extreme 120)

    Vendetta 2
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