RAM Getting Overclocked?

I software overclocked my CPU, cause its a Dell. ClockGen overclocks FSB aswell as RAM. Heres CPU. I have 1GB of RAM, why does it say 6144MB? Also can anyone check if my RAM is fine, if I use this software overclock? Looks like its at 910+ Mhz :p

Normal Sempron (Old, and slow I know)

Overclocked Sempron


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  1. Some of it is being taken by the system and used as video RAM which is why you don't have all 1gb available
  2. But isn't 6144MB more than 1GB? Because in my friend's PC (4GB RAM) it shows 4096MB.
  3. Yea I wasn't thinking (it's late and I've had several adult beverages)[:thegreatgrapeape:3] , 1gb=1024Mb. Seems to me that CPUZ isn't reporting it correctly. There should be a setting in the BIOS which allows you to determine how much RAM is dedicated to the video. Look to see what that's set at.
  4. Thanks, it is probably showing it wrong.
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