Have 5TB of HDD in my computer, want better solution.

Hi all, I know it sounds crazy.. but since over an year i had been using 2TB of hdd in my computer... all SATA. 1TB + 320GB 120GB + 500GB hdd respectively
But lately i have seen that two of the HDD have crashed... within two months time i.e. 320GB and 120GB one.

Hence i as a replacement i brought 2 x 2TB hdd's. Got good deal from Fry's website brand new.. 150 $ for 2TB Seagate.
Hence brought two of them.
Do u think.. that having these hard disks in a cabinet is the main factor for the hdd's to crash.. also wanted to know.. if there is a better solution to have a special casing for Hard disks only. Like a Bay or something. Looking for a cheaper and reliable option. I dont have much knowledge abt Bay's and other solutions.. if you could suggest me something with some info and a guide on how to set them up.. it wud be really great.

Help appreciated greatly.

Please note this setup is for personal use. Nothing sort of a server or something, maybe in the near future i will convert it into a media center or something.
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  1. Come on guys, no body to help in here?? :(
  2. I seriously doubt that those hard disk are causing the problems. Also you asked if you should put your hard drives in anything. I have a 120 fan blowing on mine. I've had cheap machines in the past that had no fan on the hard drives and they ran fine for years.

    You could just have a simple case of bad luck with hard drives. Having a lot of data myself I found dvd's are cheapest per GB and if one goes bad it's better than if a whole 2 TB hard drive goes bad. But if you go the hard drive route then use one for storage and one to replicate it. I just wish I could buy 2 hard drives at 10TB then I would be happy :P
  3. I don't understand the "HDDs in CPU" thing. You cannot physically connect a HDD to a processor chip, neither does the two have much in common. Its the same relation like a Traffic light and a car on the road; they have no direct relationship even though they do indirectly communicate with eachother.

    Plain-disk Storage doesn't cost you any significant CPU cycles; so any old CPU would be able to do the job. And CPUs also don't let HDDs die or contribute to this in any way.

    Disks die; they are mechanical devices. They can die at any time, so make sure that when that happens you are prepared and have redundancy or backups so you don't loose anything. Those 2TB disks are great for this, just make sure your important stuff is on both of these drives. Often, important stuff consists of small files not many GB's in size, so most people don't actually need alot of space to backup their important things (documents, email, bookmarks, photo's, etc).

    Maybe i understood you wrong, in that case please explain what you want to know.
  4. @sub mesa and cottonball.. Buddies, i appreciate your responses, an my sincere apologies.. i messed up the Cabinet with CPU. I meant to say that i have these hdd's in my atx cabinet in their slots.

    Let me explain in a noob way... :( I have seen lot of ppl talking abt Bay's and attaching hdd's to them.
    I used to think that these bay cabinets are for those ppl who have extra hdd's attached into their cabinets and it is safe/effective to have separate storage cabinet for these disks.
    Please let me know if thats what the purpose bay cabinets are for!! I will be using this PC for personal use.. mostly the files stored on this are music and movies.

    Normally ATX Cabinet does not have lots of slots for hdd's hence I was wondering that there shud be an alternative for the storing the drives and attaching it with ur main atx cabinet.

    Please guide.
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