15k sas/300 vs 10k sas/600

Hello, which one gives better performance? Which one is suitable for most configurations if the answer is: it depend of the usage? I really don’t know which one i should get for my DAS and eventually they will be move to a SAN.
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  1. That depends on the specific model.
  2. HP 146GB 3G SAS 15K SFF DP ENT HDD vs
  3. Maybe you could give some background, for example the usage of the drive.

    high RPM HDDs are useful for random I/O performance; but for this task SSDs would be able to provide many times the performance of an HDD. Since the capacity and price of high RPM disks are closer to an SSD, it kind of loses its purpose as SSDs get better and cheaper.

    If you've got an I/O performance bottleneck; SSDs can fix that.

    Other than that, SATA/600 or 6Gbps won't influence the performance too much; especially since we're not talking about sequential performance since that can't be the reason for buying one of these.
  4. One server will have ibm db2, and SQL server.
    One server will have web sites. (IIS and glashfish)
    One server will have Oracle for the web sites.

    Thanks in advance for you recommandation
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