SSD for OS and HDD for storage.

Im still in the progress of building my DCC workstation, and after looking at the major performance increase in SSDs, ive been tempted to get one. However, I already have two 1 terabyte harddrives already. My question is; will it be possible to get an 128 gb SSD for OS and programs, and store all my other files such as 3D scene files, images, videos, music, etc to the hard drives configured to raid 1?

Also, do you think that 128 gb will be an adequate size for windows 7, along with several major 3d and 2d software packages? Please help me out here! what do you guys recommend?

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    SSD for the OS and HDD for data files is a good way to go for lots of folks, but it depends on your specific usage patterns and exactly what operations you're trying to speed up.

    128GB is plenty for Windows, whether it's enough for the other software depends entirely on how big it is. Allowing 40-50GB for Windows and it's page and hibernate files is proabably generous, check the specs of the other programs to see how much space they take.
  2. i see. I did my research and found that a lot of people used their SSD as a boot drive for their OS and I thought that was a great idea. I check out some of the software programs that I will be using and from what it says on the website, it says to allow up to 2 gigs of space on the hhd. so I guess 128 is plenty enough. Or i could always go with a 160 gig.

    Now with SSDs, should you periodically defragment the drive, or does it not require upkeep like a standard hhd?
  3. Never ever defragment an SSD - you'll only do the exact opposite - windows doesn't know where the data is really being stored on an SSD. Defragmenting is for HDDs only!

    Also, try to go for Intel X25-M G2 SSD if possible, its not only the fastest but has the best features and design, and generally should still be useful in alot of years.
  4. great, thanks for the input.

    I was a bit hessitant on getting these drives due to how young of technology they are, but they are so damn sweet. Now i have been doing some research and i find that the SLC type SSDs are much newer and better than the older MLC.

    any thoughts on this?

  5. The SLC drives are generally regarded as being better but more costly. Intel hasn't included one in it's latest line of SSD products and their new MLC drive has specs that are pretty much as good as the SLC drive they offered last year.
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