SCSI Drive or Old IDE Drive

So, I'm putting together a new system for gaming, and I'm thinking about hard drives.

The drive I have in my current system (the one I'm replacing) is a SAMSUNG SV8004H, 5400RPM ATA-100 IDE. I have access to a 15000RPM SCSI Atlas II drive for cheap. I think it's an Ultra160.

I don't know much about SCSI except what I read from some brief googling. Is this a good drive? I think it might be a bit dated... am I better off just buying a newer SATA?
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  1. Yes real dated but nice in it's day, you would also need a compatible scsi controller card $$$ and familiarity with scsi, termination, drive select, and related software. All the new boards utilize Sata and Ide is already disappearing on some. The reliability of Sata is nearly as good as scsi and will have a warranty.
  2. Okay, so the drive is actually a 15,000 RPM Wide Ultra 320. How does this compare to a newer SATA 7200 RPM drive?
  3. I also have the choice of a 15,000 rpm 2.5" SAS drive. What should I go with?
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