What batch # is my PHII 720 BE? (want 9040)

is there any way to know at all? considering that i bought my Phenom II X3 720 BE on March 4th, which means it should be within that window when the 9040 batch was being made... hope i get lucky...
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  1. look on the chip

    mine is
    CACZC AC 0906FPMW (0906 is unlockable - at least mine is I have it at 3.4 - all 4 cores @ 1.4 volts stable OCCT for 6+ hours on medium settings)
  2. Yea... any other way besides taking it apart? And, if i bought it on March 4th, which batch would it be more likely to be? considering the production of it and final delivery, which batch can it be?
  3. Could be any batch depending on how fast your retailer moves CPUs. The ONLY way to tell is to look on the chip.
  4. ahhhh crap... maybe when i get a new cooler i'll know...
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