RMA my 280 gtx ?

Yep, my 3 week old MSI 280gtx has started acting up. It just started having constant corruption.
Been lucky til now, this is my first RMA.
So my question is about how long it will take New Egg/MSI to turn this around. Does anyone know the quickest way to turn this around, Anyway I can speed up the process?
I had to install an old 7950 x2 to hold me over. And it isn’t cutting it.
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  1. That sucks

    Whats your temps, and what clocks are you running the GPU at?

    Where is the "corruption" happening? Games? Movies? Windows interface?
  2. Hey,
    Temps are / were good. GPU @45, CPU @40. The corruption was thru out.
    I sent it back this morning. I was hoping for advice on how to speed up the process.
    Anyway, I figure it will be a couple weeks, so I picked up a BFG 9800 GTX oc.
    It seems to run pretty well, have not gamed with it but I scored about the same as the 280 gtx in 3Dmark 06 (13000). Scored a couple thousand less than the 280 on Vantage.
    I would have liked to try an ATI 4850 or 4870 but the best they had at Best Buy from ATI was the 3750.
    Oh well, maybe BFG will come out with a better card within 90 days and I could trade up. If not this 9800 will make a nice gift for one of my kids, once the 280 comes back.
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