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hey guys, this might be a newbie question. But i am trying to get a workstation type computer for 3d rendering and graphics applications. But at the same time I would like to be able to do some gaming on it. Does anyone know of a motherboard that can support 2 cpus and also have sli or crossfire capabilities? Thanks alot in advance!
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  1. What program(s)? I advise double checking what the CPU support limit is, as for some rendering programs you are capped at 4 cores.

    Also what resolution do you run your monitor at? SLI or Crossfire may be overblown.
  2. maya mostly, but also all the adobe video editing programs and possibly 3ds max in the future
  3. I would doublecheck with a reseller (or autodesk, but I find the VAR"s are far more helpful), I know of a few Autodesk applications that are capped at 4 cores. Unfortuantely the products I am more familair with are on the Civil engineering side (i.e. Revit, Civil3D, etc), but I'm pretty sure 3DS will sue more than 4.

    Looks liek Adobe Premier will use 8:

    For what (it sounds like) you are looking at I would make sure to get a 64 bit OS with tons of RAM (8GB maybe, I'm assuming your projects are complex).
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