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I installed Windows XP Embedded on a Panel PC on a compactflash as a industrial supervisory system, I left the PC ok but a week later when I turned it on I had "The file or folder winlogon.exe is corrupted and
unreadable. Please use chkdisk to fix this error". Fortunately I had made a partition backup so I could get the system back up running again. But I wonder what causes this error to happen, was it some sort of over current or over voltage peak that affected the compactflash (are CFs even sensible to this?) or was it just plain sabotage?
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  1. anybody please?
  2. I'm guessing using CF is just a lot less reliable than current SSD's and regular HDD's.

    I know you're looking for more detailed information, I could allude to it but it's been awhile since I looked into the problems early SSD's had as I've written it off to "delete new ones solved them".

    It probably is inadvisable to use a CF but I like the idea and would be curious if you can get it to be more stable. I also know that the way it is formatted can make a difference as far as partition and sector blocks where Windows 7 will partition/format correctly but XP won't but that ought to cause slowness not corruption if my failing memory is right.

    I'm too lazy to re-research it but there's my $0.02, hopefully it's better than nothing.
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