External RAID system for E-Sata laptop

I'm intentioned to change laptop and I'll take one with E-Sata. I want also to be able to use external RAID system, like for example two western digital velociraptor 10.000.

Anyone knows some external box that supports 2-4 HD, has internal raid card, and have a single E-Sata connection to connect it to a laptop or desktop with E-Sata?


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  1. Look for hard disk cases on newegg.com.
  2. eSATA is simply standard SATA with a slightly higher
    transmission voltage, to support longer external cabling,
    and a different connector to distinguish the two.

    You'll need a controller inside your laptop that
    supports "port multiplier" functionality,
    or an adapter like this Express Card eSATA controller:

    (found the latter at Newegg searching for "laptop port multiplier")

    Check also at Addonics: http://www.addonics.com

    They have tons of devices that may help you.

    Another one is Cool Drives: http://www.cooldrives.com

    I don't think that Enhance Technology caters to laptop users,
    but their products are very well engineered: http://www.enhance-tech.com/

    Our recommendation: get a laptop with an Express Card interface,
    and go with Addonics' Express Card eSATA controller above,
    because they have already done the necessary integration
    with external storage enclosures.

  3. My controller supports port-multiplier, both my express card and my e-sata on the motherboard (Asus P5q pro turbo).

    I already knows addonics, but since both my e-sata (express card, and desktop motherboard) does not work, I suspect that is a problem of my External box connector. So I'm tinking of buying an external box from addonics.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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