Low FPS on Counter Strike Source

Hey guys im new to the forum :D

Got a problem ive got a good setup but for some reason i get low fps compared to other people with a less better setup.
My specs are:
Quad Core @ 2.4, 4gb 1066mhz memory, 8800 ultra and I get around 100-120fps even with low quality setting and low resolutions.

Anyone got any ideas?
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  1. And I feel like there something wrong and I should get much smoother gameplay than what I am now...
  2. When you are playing counter strike and other games from valve, the server sets the frame rate, not your video card. It's called balancing so no one gets a advantage.
  3. actually i think steam sets the fps cap,

    through those updates
  4. Your eye can't see much past 60 fps. There is no way you can tell the difference between 80 and 120. It's pointless to lower your settings to get higher fps if you're already at 60 or greater.
  5. what is ur fps at max settings?
  6. hmm, until i updated to a hd 4850 i had a 7600 if i ran at res:960 i got the same FPS at high setting as i did at res:1440*900. strange, the differnce was the model, what im saying is play around wiht the setting, you may be surpised.

    now to remove the FPS limiter in standard source games open the console (enable in keyboard settings).
    type in
    FPS_max 300
  7. FPS at max settings is also about 100ish and i can tell its not smooth theres still laggy bits here and there and its not the internet connection. And I took of the limiter already, could it be my PSU?
  8. I believe 120 is pretty good man.
  9. Maybe I should overlock my CPU? And hiper 800w I believe but I do have like 10 fans xD
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