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OK Here is the scenario i bought a new motherboard ATX and it will not fit because someone told me i needed an ATX but obliviously needed a MICRO but that doesnt matter now. Heres the BIG QUESTION IS it possible to run a computer without screwing in the motherboard. So since i have an Micro ATX only case could i run my pc with my new ATX motherboard and not screw it in. Thnx
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  1. not realistically. You could run it with the mobo outside of a case (not recomended if you are actively using it) and defenatally a no no to run it unscrewed in the case. it would inadvertanaly hit some of the metal of the case and cause shorts. Sorry mate
  2. you could run the motherboard on your floor if you want...

    I wouldnt suggest running a PC unless you have it secured to a case using standoffs...

    The holes in the MB are tinned so that when mounted, you
    get good electrical contact between the MB and the standoff, and the
    system case. This provides an excellent ground plane, since one of the
    layers of the MB is a ground.
  3. You could purchase a Mid-tower case or you could return your MB for a micro and pay the restocking fee.
  4. ok i would like to use the motherboard now for like 4 weeks then get a case, i just want to use it now.Ok Well somone kindof answered my question saying u can run it out side the case but how could i do this safely for 4 weeks without any problems.
  5. Just be very carefull. Let it stand on a non-conductive surface and don't let anything near it. Pets, kiddies, etc.
    Risky but if you're desperate
  6. my roommate got all his parts in for his rig a week before his case came he decided to make a case out of the cardboard boxes that he got...he ran it for like a week until his case came wish I could put up picks...think I have the pics on my phone...
  7. Yes you can run your computer without a case. Put it on some electrostatic bags that it came with on top of the cardboard box it came in and it'll be fine. But you do have to be careful about dropping anything on your board if you're around it or bumping it off the table. If your components tend to run a little hot, then you could run into overheating issues due to no airflow like you would have in a case. But yea, you can safely run your computer for an infinite amount of time as long as you are careful around it.
  8. Is it possible? Yes.

    Is it recommended? No.
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