Are these the exact same proccessor?

Right, so i have sort of finished planning the compy i am going to buy, and i was looking around for better prices on my cpu (q6600) and i found these two prices:

The one i was origionally going to buy:
From overclockers, it says it will overclock to 3.3ghz

and this one on Dabs:

It doesnt say anything about it being energy efficient, like the one on ocuk, or its FSB. On overclockers uk, there are 3 versions of the q6600 up for sale, there is the regular one (which says something about 1066 fsb), then there is one saying that it will overclock to 3.0 (and saying something about 1333 fsb), and another one saying it will overclock to 3.3 (which says something about 1466 fsb). Obviously i chose the q6600 because i want to overclock, getting the energy efficient eddition means that i can overclock it more, due to less heat being produced, but i dont want to buy the cheaper one from dabs and find out it doesnt overclock as well. Im not sure what all this front side bus stuff does or whether thats the setting you need to set it to to get it to overclock or if that is what the proccessor comes as out of the box but basically i am going to ask what one shall i get if i am going to overclock.

Btw i am getting the Asus P5K EPU Intel P35 MoBo
and the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler

Basically any help will be great.
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  1. How far do you plan to overclock?

    Dabs does not say G0 or anything but they DO spec 95Watts. Thats the same as G0.

    They are the same. NO ONE can guarantee 3.3(with enough voltage), but it is common. 3.0 or a bit more is normal for most users on stock voltage.

    Here are the specs on both. Many users overclocked B3's to 3.6 too, but EVERY cpu clocks differently. no one can promise. And this buy DDR2 1066. Thats not needed for those clocks. DDR2 800 is good up to 3.6 as long as the memory is kept synced with the cpu.


  2. If you look on Intels site there are 2 versions of the Q6600 the B3 stepping (105w) and the G0 (95w). The G0 is preferred by overclockers as it runs cooler and more efficeiently. This is more than likely the one being provided by that you have written above, they may even do speed testing to garentee that but id doubt it.

    These days you would be unlucky to get a B3 stepping as the majority of these would already be sold
  3. K, so on overclockers all the 3 different proccessors they sell are exactly the same exept for the warrenty. So, the fsb's they are talking about, is this just talking about what they will need to be set to to actually overclock them to that much, or is that what they come with out of the box, guessing its the first option but just checking.
    So is it worth going for the dabs one which is a lot less?
  4. That's cool that they guarantee it will OC that high. Can you get ur money back if it doesn't?
  5. Im guessing, but it says you have to have a mobo that will do it, and a better cpu cooler, im guessing if you have 1 little thing wrong, they wont give you your money back, for example, if you didnt get the exact motherboard that they put in the small print somewhere or if you didnt do exactly what the manual that costs 10 pounds says.

    Anyway, if they are the same, and the dabs one will overclock as well as the other one il get it. Im using a p35 chipset mobo so i should be able to get it quite high, im gonner go for 3.0ghz.
  6. FSB is the front side bus, its what you increase to overclock Intels current line of processors.

    3.0 should be easy(its the best balance between cpu power and power consumption). Set the FSB(Front Side Bus) to 333(1333 quad) in the bios. Try first with the stock voltage. When you are in Windows, Download prime95 and run the torture test for at least 8 hours(many prefer 24). If it gives any errors restart the computer, enter the bios and increase the voltage a bit. So if the default was 1.225 try 1.250. When you get it stable remember those settings in case you ever need to set then again.

    The p35 board should feel no stress from that speed because the board is rated for 333fsb(1333 quad pumped). Most p35's will go much higher with that cpu at a power cost. nearly 100 watts more to get to 3.6, and a lot of heat to get rid of.

    Remember to always keep an eye on your temps while running the prime95 torture test. - CoreTemp - reads your temperature - Realtemp - claimed to be more accurate. Runs 5c cooler then coretemp on that cpu. - Prime95 - this will test your cpu to make sure its stable. - Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide by CompuTronix. Read this! - Overclocking guide by graysky
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