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I can not find the wireless tab for my router . Any suggestions ? I have a Linksys WRT54G setup with Verizon and when I go to and sign in I go directly to the main page but instead of linksys it says Verizon "Proline DSL Modem". I have two wired pcs but also have one wireless desktop and I need to set a password so my neighbors will not access my DSL line. Any help would be graet. Thanks !
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    Sounds to me that you are accessing the DSL modem instead of the WRT54G router.

    Try disconnecting the cable from WRT54G router to the Verizon modem.
    If need be, disconnect all cables except the one between the desktop and the WRT54G router.

    Download a users manual from Linksys for all the settings.

    You may want to consider changing the Router IP address while you are in there. Middle section, first page.
    There may be problems If the router and modem have the same IP address.
    All you need to change is the third set of numbers

    Then your computers need addresses in this range.
    Restarting the computers should allow them to pick up a correct IP address.

    Enable WPA on the wireless and set a key to secure.
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