Feser Blue premix.. Why we use distilled water

Amazing ugly loop, and not built by a noob at all. This needs added to a sticky somewhere.

We preach distilled. I see why.

Feser liquids are one of the most popular.

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  1. Hi C

    Your link is busted, not working for me anyway.
  2. Tasty.
  3. Thanks C
  4. Wow random, your the man!!! What did ya do to fix it?
  5. I looked in the liquid cooling section of XS for the thread with a URL ending in t=226632 ;)
  6. Holy sh!t! That thing like almost killed his GTZ (looks like he couldn't completely get the gunk off).
  7. That is one of the most hideous build-ups I have ever seen...especially from a 'respected' brand of coolant additives.

    Makes me want to go flush my system again, just for good measure...I think he should have soaked in vinegar and salt like the one guy suggested. However, I don't know how reactive vinegar and copper are or what damage that might cause.
  8. Vinagar overdone will eat copper, but for short times with severe build up why not?
  9. I think its a good idea then...I don't have crud like that when I flush my system and pull apart my blocks...but dang. Every once in a while you can find a little crud in a rad, but usually very minimal.
  10. Conumdrum said:
    Vinagar overdone will eat copper, but for short times with severe build up why not?

    What about 100% Acetone? AFAIK Acetone doesn't react with Copper.
  11. I dunno? Try it? Haven't heard of that used. It's not the most friendly stuff, better use it outside, it's fumes are bad for ya for sure.
  12. That is pretty disturbing. I've never set up a water cooling system before, but by the looks of that, it wouldn't be fun to maintain that mess. It's odd a company would release such a product which can totally fail while under heavy stress. What is the best coolant to use for a water cooling setup? After all, my case does have holes in the back for tubes. :)

    EDIT: Ranomizer has a pic of that smug little cat there, too. Makes me laugh every time i see it.
  13. Easy. Distillled water and Petras PT NUke/PHN Nuke or an Ians Silver Killcoil. All you'll ever need. No UV bling color, no color, no hassles. Drain every 6 months, full rebuild once a year. At $1 a gallon for distilled, PT at $7 and the bottle will last for 15+ refills or the Killciol which lasts forever, pretty cheap eh?

    You want color you can buy colored tubing and/or UV colored bling tubing.

    Kinda being proven finally, long (years) story.
  14. Setting up and maintaining a water loop isn't nearly as bad as you think. I rarely touch mine except to purge, clean and refill couple times a year. Yeah, it takes about a weekend to pull all the blocks, clean the rads and blocks and then refill/purge air. But, if you do it right, you really don't have to touch it until its time to do it again.
  15. Quote:
    You want color you can buy colored tubing and/or UV colored bling tubing.

    +1. Yeah, people should just buy colored tubing.
  16. The honest thing is (speaking from experience) UV tubing works a lot better with clear distilled than it does with coolant glows a lot better because the clear water reflects inside the tubing and it 'glows' more.
  17. so what about distilled water, the antibacterial stuff and just a basic food dye from the cupboard? sounds noobish but why not?
  18. This thread hasn't been commented on in about 2.5 years...while the content is still relevant, most of the people who have posted are likely not around. Closing and moving to the watercooling forum.

    If you'd like to discuss dyes and coolants, the watercooling forum would be your best bet.
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