RAID 0 or 5?

Do I want RAID 0 or 5?

I am clinging to the hope that I can do this.

I have 3 (160Gb SSD) drives available

Ultimately, I want to dual boot Windows 7 & Ubuntu in RAID 0 for performance, and have the redundancy ability of RAID 1 for backing up both OSs. Hence RAID 5.

Do I have to use the 1st 2 drives in RAID 0 for Windows 7, and use the 3rd drive partitioned for Ubuntu and backup for the OSs and not get to have Ubuntu in raid 0?


Can I put Windows 7 & Ubuntu on drive 1 & 2 in RAID 0 (2 drives) and have the 3rd drive backup both OSs (because of RAID 5)?


If I have the 3 hard drives set up in RAID 5 with Windows 7; can I then repartition (drive 1) so that Windows 7 gets 100Gb, and Ubuntu gets the remainder and the drives (drive 2 & 3) for performance & redundancy will just follow?

So again, ultimately I want RAID 5 for performance and redundancy with dual booting for Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Also, each OS would be 64bit if that matters/helps.

Please, no fanboyism about why I would want Windows or Ubuntu or SSDs.

And please, please, please....I am brand spanking new to this. So I would prefer if you explain it to me very simply if you have the patience. I am not too proud to admit that I am so completely lost. All I know is that I really like Ubuntu as a starting off point to migrate away from Windows, but I still need Windows for work and VERY few games. I know, I know...I can always use Windows in a virtual step at a time. :)
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  1. You shouldn't use RAID5 on SSD's; it'll make the write amplification problem worse.
    You can use SSDs in conjuction with RAID0, JBOD or as separate plain disks.

    Pick the Intel X25-M SSDs if possible, there are no comparable offerings at the moment which are as modern/advanced as the Intel SSD at this moment.
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