Would a Seasonic 550watt PSU + 2x 4850 work ok?

My PSU is a Seasonic 550watt PSU and it's only a few months old. I bought it because the reviews on it were quite favorable. My experiences with it have been good. Voltages are very stable.

Enter the HD4850

AMD/ATI lists my PSU as Certified for 2x 3850. But it's not listed under the 4850. I'm not sure if this is because they haven't tested it yet, or if it failed the tests.

It does recommend a 550watt PSU for using 4850s in crossfire. All PSUs are not created equal. So I'm left puzzled.

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  1. knickle said:
    Would a Seasonic 550watt PSU + 2x 4850 work ok?

  2. It says 41A combined on the 12V. That's a heck of a lot for something labeled only 550W. Same as the Corsair 550VX, IIRC.

    Visiontek recommends minimum 550W for HD 4850 Crossfire with their cards.

    You should be OK, assuming you don't have an overclocked quad and 7 HDD and 7 fans and what not.
  3. I have 3 HDs and the Antec Nine Hundred case with four large case fans. The CPU is an aging Opteron 165 with a small 200mhz overclock (I plan to push it to +600mhz with stock cooling).
  4. A complete Core2Extreme system with a 3.2GHz quadcore and HD 4870 crossfire loads at a maximum of between 400-450W, so you should be fine. The manufacturers assume you are buying a more budget PSU then a SeaSonic, which would likely have very low +12v power, so they over-rate the minimum requirement. They also list the minimum requirement for total system consumption, not just for the 2 cards.
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