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Could anyone compile a list of TRIM supported SSD's currently on the market? I have googled this question but didn't really come up with any exact answers. If anyone could post a SSD with the Trim feature it would be very much appreciated.
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  1. Indilinx based SSD's support trim with their latest firmware.
    Intel's updated 'G2' SSD's are said to be getting trim support with future firmware updates.
    I have not heard of any other SSD's with trim support but most future releases should support it.
  2. Believe Patriot Torqx (Not M28 version) and the OCZ vortex support TRIM. Intel had a firmware to enable trim on "G2" but pulled it. PCMaxium article indicated that intel would release the firmware with the release (tommarrow) of Win 7, but that remains to be seen.

    Added: Intel's firmware page still show latest ver for X25M as 02G9
  3. I assume those most all SSD's from major brands (Intel, OCZ, Crucial, Kingston, etc) will eventually support TRIM, right?
  4. I think it would be suicide for an SSD manufacturer NOT to support TRIM very soon now...
  5. ^+1 Agree that NEW ones will, and if they don't they may not sell to quickly.

    Current ones, and older ones - Good question as it boils down to a firmware upgrade. Intel has stated that it will not upgrade the G1 and some of the current (new) ones with the Samsung controllers Could be left in the cold.
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    Aoster87 said:
    I assume those most all SSD's from major brands (Intel, OCZ, Crucial, Kingston, etc) will eventually support TRIM, right?

    Drives with future controllers, yes.
    Current drives, AFAIK only Indilinx based and Intel's 'G2' drives will or do support trim.
    It is not so much the brand of the drive, more who makes the controller and firmware that dictates trim support.

    If you are looking at buying now, Indilinx based drives (Patriot Torqx, OCZ Vertex, OCZ Summit, SuperTalent SuperDrive ME, etc.) already have trim support with the Latest Firmware.
    Intel's second generation SSD's are supposed to get support in the future.
    Current Samsung and JMicrostutter controllers do not support trim and, as I have heard nothing about support coming, I would not expect them to.
  7. Given that Win 7 released today, it kinda sucks that Intel hasn't provided a firmware update yet. Would it be best to reinstall Win 7 once Intel releases the firmware update that makes the G2 understand ATA TRIM?

    Hope this is not considered a highjack. ...thought this is closely related to OP's question so I didn't want to start a new thread.
  8. The good news is that Samsung have updated firmware to support TRIM - nice one Samsung.

    The bad news is if you're a DELL owner like me, there is no commitment to update the OEM Samsung drives in their machines:

    Shame on you DELL!

    So far most people's attempts at the various routes to try and force update with Samsung supplied or other firmware have not gone well.
  9. walkerr 01-22-2010 at 10:57:58 AM

    There's an online petition here:

    Sign it and help us lobby DELL

    walkerr forgot to mention the most important part of the above link, the Dell petition! everyone sign it!
  10. Thanks muchlife!
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  12. You seriously have to check the latest quote from DELL on how important they think TRIM is:

    It would be hilarious if it also weren't sad beyond belief. A once decent manufacturer rapidly heading into the dustbin of "couldn't give a damn" support.
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