SLI on Intel Motherboards

I wanted to check if anyone has heard of Nvidia giving Intel the license to run SLI on Intel motherboards. I browsed around and only saw the following about it.

The information does not look very promising, but I am wondering if someone here has any information or heard any rumors?

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  1. Last I hear Nvidia was not willing to give out the license.
  2. I'm currious about hacked drivers. I wander if any are out there.
  3. Don't think this is going to happen but thier could be hacked drivers :p
  4. On the other hand Intel was not willing to give Nvidia support for Penryn processors. Thats why only the nforce 700 series boards support it and not teh nforce 600 series.

    If this goes on, the Nvidia boards may not look like a good option since they won't be able to support newer processors without a board revision meaning we'd have to buy new nvidia boards with every new generation of Intel processor.

  5. this was answered in another thread =D

    just making this thread pointless XD
  6. it is said that intel must uses nv's chipest to support sli
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