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How does Everest Stability Test compare to Prime95? While I was running the Everest Stability Test Core Temps were 50-54C w/load but I could not do anything else during the test any programs that I had open including Everest were slow to respond to my inputs (minimize windows, open explorer). It would take anywhere from 10-20 seconds to get a reponse to an input while running the Everest Stability Test. Is this normal? While running Prime95 I dont have any of these problems and its stressing the CPU's just as much or I believe its just as much. Does Everest put a more demanding load on the CPU then Prime? I dont really have any overheating problems just the problem of everything slowing down while running the Everest Stability Test.

Here is what i have:\

Asus P5Q Deluxe mobo
Q9650 OC'd to 3.6 ghz. VCore 1.275, w/ Zalman 9900 CPU Cooler
4 GB Kingston PC8500 1066 Mhz. Corsair RAM cooler
2 Radeon HD 4890 in Crossfire
Gigabyte Sumo 5115 Case
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  1. Well, I wouldn't worry too much. Your load temps look good, and if everything slows down, that's because Everest is just trying to maximize your CPU usage to see if it holds under pressure.
  2. Everest allows you to stress test your CPU, Memory and hard drives. It uses the benchmarking tests, such as the CPU PhotoWorxx and FPU Mandel, and repeats them over and over, until you stop it. Generally, a stress test stresses more than just one piece of hardware at a time, and so does this. Each of the tests will overlap each other, to give a more accurate result.

    Prime95 does not test your hard drive.
  3. just use prime 95 small ftt's for 10 minutes and make sure your vcores are below 70 degrees and you fine
  4. i also have this , no oc antec bp430 ceron d 431 and a data 1g memory.
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