CPU Cooler for Q9550 suggestions?

Hey guys I just picked ordered my new components to build my new system. I ordered Xig HDT-S1283 for the Q9550. My motherboard is Asus Rampage Formula. I just wanted to know if you guys had any other suggestions for the CPU heatsink/fan. I might switch HDT-S1283 with something else because some people complain about the loudness.

I also wanted to know if you own HDT-S1283, is it really necessary to buy the retention kit thats sold separately? I have my doubts but some people on the review makes it sounds it's the hardest thing on earth to install the heatsink. Also I kinda wanna avoid the retention kit because it has this permanent sticky adhesive tape that sticks on back of your motherboard. I don't really like the idea of it.

So please let me know if you have any other suggestions for the heatsinks/fan!! thanks in advance.
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  1. You could always get the true and get a really good 120mm fan that runs quieter.
  2. I currently own the Xiggy 1283. I freaking love it. Its cooling my Q6600, keeps it at 35C idle (3.2ghz). I was able to reach 3.6ghz stable with it.
    I bought the retention bracket too, trust me you want it. Those push pins looked a little bit scary... And honestly, what does the retention bracket hurt? Its non-conductive so its not like the retention bracket will fry your board. It ensures for a quick, easy, secure install.
    I also find it to be a very quiet cooler. When I had all my fans in my case set to low, it was dead silent. I keep everything set to high for better airflow. And the 4870 fan running @ 45% is louder than everything anyways =P.
  3. The xiggy 1283 weighs 600g from memory, mounted vertically and with vibration from the fan (yes I know it has rubber connectors) is considerable. Mounted horizontally no crossbow bracket is needed. You have made a good choice, frostytech is the place for more options. Being realistic you don't need the coolest unit unless your going to set a bench. Other than perhaps the highest clocks, would do better with a quiet cooler. I have a stock cooler on my QX9650 and it will go to 4.5Ghz if I want it to. Then again it got an A1 install. Go for something good and quiet.
  4. I was getting ready to plunk down the money for the Xigmatek HDT- S1283 and noticed there was a HDT-S1284. It appears to have one more heat- pipe. I was wondering if it stood to reason if this could be a positive addition. Does anyone have any input either way?
  5. Absolutely it's a positive addiction, these types of coolers rely on conduction to transmit heat so the greater direct contact area the better. There is another issue called "spread resistance" but I don't think the design of this cooler will envoke it. Well spotted and here's a great link for further info:

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