Computer freezes and shuts down...suspect hd

My computer freezes when I run CA Security virus scan, try to defrag main drive, use WD Diagnostic Tool on drive C, and shut down when I did checkdisc at startup. I'm thinking it's due to my hard drive. I have two physical drives, first one is partitioned into two drives. The second hd is just for data backup. I'm running XP, with two gigs of ram. Oh, my power supply went dead prior to all this happening. Is it possible that the power supply took out my hard drive? My computer is fine when I'm online, but as soon as I do anything that needs to access drive "C" for an extended period of time it freezes up. I guess I can put my ear to the drive and try to hear for it to stop spining... :pt1cable: Not sure what to do now because I'm trying to figure out if my drive is bad or has bad sector that causes it to freeeze but I can't tell cause my computer freezes up when I try and find out :o ...any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Run manufacturer hard disk diagnostics.
    The power supply could have damaged the hard drive.
  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply. I ran the Wester Digital Diagnostic tool that came with the hard drive and that froze the computer too. I'll try and see what happens when I tell it to check my second physical drive.
  3. Run memtest86+ also and check for errors.
  4. you should try a new power supply, i used to get that problem with my old system,i bought a 500 w psu and it did the trick... :wahoo:
    ps: that hdd now is running on my new system :hello:
  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the suggestion on the memtest. I ran it and it found no errors, didn't freeze or anything. Seems like the memory is fine. My old power supply was an Ultra 550 watt one, I bought a master cooler 460 watt one to replace it. I would assume that's more than enough to power what I have in the computer which is just two drives, cd/dvd drive and an MSI 4670 video card that doesn't require a power connector from the power supply.
    I still have not run those tests on my second physical drive to see if it freezes my computer yet (defrag, WD Dianostic, checkdisk). I'll keep you posted.
    THanks :hello:
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