First build guidance needed. A good point in the right direction...

I have purchased the components to build a new PC. This is my first build. Is there a guide to follow to put it together and what steps need to come first. Is it as simple as put everything together, turn it on and load software? I don't know the answer to that question so that is how much guidance I need.

Is the process the same for all computers or do you need my list of components?

Any links to guide me?
Should I buy a particular book?
Is there a forum for knuckleheads like me?

I appreciate the help in advance........

I also have a XFX GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB PCIe 2.0 coming and the clip for the heatsink
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  1. The process is similar for all desktop computers, and it's not brain surgery. There are guides out there to help. The most important thing is to avoid junk components, especially the PSU. Unlock your wish list and get comments on the parts. If no one posts a link to a guide, I'll dig one up.
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    this is a sort of beginners resource I found a long time ago at tigersdirect. You can find this little resources at the bottom of the barebone kit packages they sell. I wouldn't buy the kits, but these resources are helpful for beginners.
  4. Install CPU HSF onto motherboard before you put it motherboard into case.

    Use thermal grease.

    Put the standoff screws only where they are going to be used and make sure each one has a screw in it. Use flat screws that don't scratch the motherboard.

    Put your optical drive on the top panel.

    Buy a MaximumPC magazine that depicts a gaming PC build, it comes with instructions for that build and will help you build yours. I followed one to build my PC.
  5. Make sure you have another working computer at the ready. You may need to view the mobo's documents that are on a CD and/or access the net for additional info (like you are suddenly unsure of how to apply the thermal paste or are unsure where those pesky case plugs go).

    I also like to make a list of all tasks, so I do things in the right order and don't forget a step, when it comes to software installation.

    Also, I like to download the OS patches (like SP3 for XP) and the latest drivers for all hardware, and burn them to a CD. This includes the latest mobo drivers and BIOS update.
  6. Your components will come with the manuals, unless you lose them, you will not need another computer.
  7. Thanks Guys
  8. I haven't read these, but I assume they are good. Like I said, it's not brain surgery. Read them all, they will overlap, but any holes in one will be covered by the others. I still can't see your configuration.

    mechBgon's guide for first-time newbie PC builders
    Beginners Guides: Assembling Your Own PC -
    Custom building your own computer Builders Guide A-Z - Computer Forums
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