Weird Issue with my CPU + cpuz

For some reason when I open CPU-z my Core speed and multiplier keep changing. The higher setting that my CPU is supposed to be at is 3.000 ghz at 9x multiplier, but it'll show 2.000 GHz 6x multiplier most of the time, then flicker over to 3.0 ghz for a second then back. I can't seem to figure out why it's doing that, if it's affecting anything, and if so how to fix it. Any tips would be much appreciated. My CPU is the Intel Core 2 Duo E6850. Thanks.
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  1. Its the stepping feature in Intel cpu's, it will step down when it doesn't need to be using full power, try doing some rendering or runing prime and you'll see it jump back up to full usage.
  2. You can turn the feature off C1E and EIST in the bios.
  3. Speedstep rules....

    BTW this is probably the millionth post about this.

    All this is is a power saving feature. It lowers the multiplier when idle to save power and create less heat. When under a certain amount of load (20%+) it will up the multi to give it all the pwoer it can.

    You can turn it off in BIOS but I wouldn't. Its a nice feature to have.
  4. Millonth post, eh? And my sticky has only been read 5400+ times. :cry:

    I think I should reply..

    The reason why it does that, is because its a built in feature to piss you off. To make you think you brought the wrong CPU. And it's also there for you to turn off manually, so you can run your new CPU as hot as your old P4 setup. :D
  5. ^ DAS STICKY!!!!!!

    We need to have it be a requirement to read that BEFORE they can access the forums if its their first time.
  6. "Speedstep rules.... " spot on jimmy.

    This is why I'm surprised more people don't overclock with stepping enabled and things like gigabytes CIA2. I'm sure going from almost 1Mhz to XMhz will be the way of the future, oh and I applaude the computer industry for being concious of the times we live in.
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