I7 920 - One core fairly cooler than others

I just did a full sensor test on RealTemp, and found that the last core, Core 3, is consistently 4-7°C cooler than all of the other cores (which are ±1°C within each other). Is there a reason for this, and is it okay? I'm fairly sure I applied TIM correctly when I installed my HSF, but should I consider reseating it? Thanks
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  1. Could be an irregularity in the surfaces of the heatsink and the CPU. Several heatsinks have surfaces that slope upwards or downwards or one direction or the other. And yes, it could be the way you applied your thermal compound, but unless that 7 degrees is making you reach dangerous temperatures, then I wouldn't bother with it.

    One of my cores remain consistently 2-5 degrees higher as well, while the another one is about 1-2 degrees higher than the other 2, which remain identical in temperatures. That one core is preventing me from hitting a 4.0ghz overclock... T_T
  2. Ah that must be annoying, it preventing you from 4.0ghz. I'm currently at 3.66ghz (could go a bit higher but rather keep things cooler), and the 3 hotter cores peak at around 70°C, while that last core only hits 64°C. I wish they'd all stay at that lower temp :x
  3. You're right at that annoying temperature mark, too. Nothing beyond 70 makes people comfortable except maybe for modern GPUs.

    I mean, you can try reapplying and re-seating the heatsink but I don't see how you could effectively cover 3 cores with TIM and somehow miss one core... so I just want to blame it on heatsink surface irregularities.
  4. The thing is I lapped my heatsink, although not the CPU, which might have it's own curvatures.. And wouldn't it be that I covered 1 core and missed 3 (which is way more unlikely I'd think), considering that 1 core is cool and the 3 others are hotter?
  5. Oh whoops. Yeah, you're right, I kept thinking it was the other way around even though I read it right the first time.

    What I would give to be able to see the imprint your TIM left behind... then we could actually tell what cores were covered or not, and whether the issue was the TIM or... what.
  6. That's probably what I'll end up doing. I'm not gonna do it right now, but when I do I'll throw a pic up here or something. Thanks
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