A USB fan in my laptop is something I only imagined. While browsing through, the online gadget shop, I found my dream becoming true. This cute little fan caught my fancy at the first glance and is my pet since then. I connect it to my laptop and PC as well for cool, calm breeze. Interestingly, it needs no batteries but just 5 minutes of charging if you want it to run for about one hour. I love my very personal USB fan!
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  1. The coolest thing I ever saw was a USB drink chiller. Mainly made for beer but it used peltier cooling and pluged into the USB port.
  2. I myself am a USB fan. It's great. I love USB.
  3. If there was only a way to get Starbucks coffee through the usb port.

    Hmmm... they'd have to have their coffee pot hooked up to the laptop, from there hooked up to the internet, and all I need is their IP..... BWAHAHAHhahhahaaaaaa!!

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