Where can buy Liquid Nitrogen in Canada???

I'm looking to experiment with Liquid Nitrogen (for OC purposes). I'm in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and I have no idea where or how I can purchase Liquid Nitrogen. I've looked online but I can't seem to find a store I can get it from. I don't think it's something that can just be shipped like a regular piece of hardware.

Any idea on how I can get myself some liquid nitrogen?

Thanks guys.

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  1. Sorry, only have 2 Flux Capacitors and 3 Borg Holodecks. LN2 is on short supply.
  2. i would check with local universities, specifically science departments... as long as your experiments are controlled and ethical, I don't see why they wouldn't be willing to share the source of their own liquid nitrogen supplier... they may even take active interest and allow you into a lab if it seems your ventures may be worth studying...

    of course, if you're gonna be an idiot with it, then try eBay
  3. Google?
    Bell Canada Yellow Pages?
  4. You guys are good.

    Thanks for all the suggestions.


  5. If you do find liquid Nitrogen where I need it too, please send me e-mail at Thank you.

    Posting you email is a bad idea on a forum, use PM instead,unless you like spam (not the meaty kind)...
  7. Alex, If you're a student at Algonquin, OttawaU or Carleton you can get full access to liquid nitrogen for experiment purposes.
    There is also a Liquid Nitrogen plant off bells corner's but I don't know if they sell to the public, always a great idea to swing by and have a chat with some of the workers.
    If that didn't work I'd try at a car shop.....

    I've been looking for the substance for a long time as well.

    I know for a FACT they sell it on the shelves in Brownsville, TX. So if you can get it shipped to you, that would be the easiest !

    Hope this helps you out Alex, and for anybody else to read this.
  8. Dropped this project has I needed special permissions to bring home...which makes sense.
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