Overclocking E8200

A new game is coming out (ArmA 2) and I need to get some more juice out of my CPU in order to play it. I guess I'm below the recommended system requirements for Very High settings across the board, largely because of my piece of crap / outdated CPU.

I'm not buying a new CPU for a few months, so in the meantime, what settings should I try to force on this old & crappy CPU?

Does it overclock well?

Take in mind I haven't OC'ed CPUs in a long time, which is why I need help here, as I was a laptop-only guy up until a few years ago and haven't done got down and dirty much since then. Some how-to would be nice.

I also don't intend to overclock it too much. Somewhere in the 3.2GHz range would be okay.

Thanks :)

Intel Core2Duo E8200 @ 2.66GHZ
4GB RAM @ 800MHz (I believe)
Zalman ZM-660XT
Gigabyte Technology EP35-DS3R
XFX Nvidia 275 GTX 896MB
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  1. Make sure you do it in the BIOS. Read the C2D and C2Q overclocking guide in the stickies.
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