P5Q Pro LAN connectivity issues

So everything on this board works great but I have been unable to get connectivity to the internet through the ethernet port. I have an installed the last 3 updates from ASUS with no luck. Tried deleting the ethernet controller and reloading again with no luck. I did not find anything in the BIOS where I can enable or disable the LAN port. Did I miss something.

The OS is on Windows XP Pro 64 bit. I am half tempted to install my 32-bit XP Pro and see if that resolves it.
I really dont want to RMA this board. I have to believe it is something I can do on my end.

I am using the same cable and cable modem connection on my old PC and connect with no issues hence this post, so it is either a bad NIC, an option in the BIOS to enable that I cant seem to find, an XP Pro 64 bit driver issue. I dont know right now.

Anyone have any ideas?

Appreciate the help!
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  1. There is a setting in the BIOS in Tools i believe to Turn on the Onboard LAN. Set it to enabled it should work.

    Read your manual for the exact spot.
  2. I found that there is issues with the Atheros nic. At least I am experiencing connectivity issues running Vista 64. You can go to Atheros and download the latest drivers for the nic to hopefully resolve the issue. I have not had a chance to troubleshoot it much further, I installed a PCI Intel nic in the mean time.
  3. Here is the driver download page if you have the Atheros Nic. http://partner.atheros.com/Drivers.aspx
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