Suggestions on my new build

First off let me say ived been browsing these forums for a while now and im glad that theres a community like this one to suggest things to people like me that arent PRO @ computers :lol:

As a first time builder I'll be running this new build on a 37" Vizio that only supports up to 1366x768 resolution so no SLI for me :fou:
I have already bought some things and others im still waiting to buy so heres what i got so far:

Items i already purchased:

720w Corsair PSU
Q6600 (from amazon they guaratee G0)
Cooler Master 690
Corsair 4gb (x2 2gb) 800mhz
Artic 5
Yate Loon x3 120mm

I think i should have waited to buy the ram since i was gonna buy the EP35-DS3L but i might end up getting the EP35-DS3R which could have used 1000mhz ram over 800 better? not sure

What i plan to buy:

Samsung 20x DVD-R
Vista 64bit
EP35-DS3R (any suggestions?)
Xigmatek HDT-S1283
Visiontek 4850

I have been looking into the Xigmatek Mounting Bracket but Newegg seems to be sold out for at least the next 2 weeks. Is there another trusted site that sells these or somenthing similar?
& As far as the MOBO it seems to be the best bang for the buck for my setup but i'll gladly take suggestions.
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  1. It all sounds very intelligent to me. Good work! [:mousemonkey:5]

    You can use the Xigmatek without the bracket, if you don't want to wait for it. You're not going to a lot of LAN parties, are you?

    You could also get a GA-EP45-DS3R, if you want. You pay $50 more, lose a PCI slot and two SATA ports, but get PCI-E 2.0, a higher native fsb, and a slot for a second video card (if you ever want a 3-monitor setup). Or maybe the Asus P5Q...
  2. 3 extra case fans? do you really need 'em? did you know that coolermaster rc690 comes already with 3 bundled 120mm fans?

    visiontek? what kind of brand is it? is that good? why not other famous
    brands? ASUS, HIS, Gigabyte, MSI, or Sapphire?

    EP35DS3L is good but if you can still afford EP35DS3R, DS3R is better.

    Another trusted sites? USA?.....hmmm....I am living in germany ... so can't help you there mate!

    Are you asking for a better mobos? ASUS P5EX38, Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5 are good choices.

    Ther rest is good to go!

    hmmm...37' with 1366x768? with that new HD4xxx series you can go higher, let say 1680x1050 (without antialiansing, etc. and no crysis with max resolution with this res.). hmmmm.....37'? a tv? hdmi ready?
  3. The items he still plans to buy are all from Newegg, no worries there. Fry's and jab-tech are legitimate. I guess provantage is too, since they did send the PSU he bought.

    He doesn't need Crossfire, so I didn't want to recommend X38 or X48. Still, if he doesn't mind paying more and likes the features, why not. They'd be more future-proof.

    Visiontek is not bad. For example their HD 3850 gets 5 stars at newegg, while most other brands get 4.

    Good point about the fans. Right, no need for extra fans with a single video card.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies!
    The TV model is: Vizio 37 Vx37L
    The resolution i got directly from the website and ive'd been told i cant go higher than that, I'm not sure if the videocard will let me & Yes its HDMI ready!
    The 3 extra fans are for just extra cooling I know the case came with 3 but ive'd read mixed reviews on them being kinda loud and some burning out fast so i decided to get them now instead of later. I might also buy a 80x80x15 one for the backside of the case (under the MOBO) ived read that fan alone can drop another 5-8c from the MOBO alone.
    I do plan to OC' to 3.5 or more if i can so cooling will be important.
    As far as the visiontek ive'd read alot of good things about the videocard (not so much the brand) and it does come with Rainbow Six Vegas 2 :lol:

    Also about the Xigmatek Mounting i read that Thermalright has a mounting bracket that might work with the Xigmatek CPU fan any word on that?
  6. Actually..the maximum resolution from one game to another is different. If you can go as high as 1680x1050 or the maximum resolution that your monitor can go, then why not.
    As you can see on my signature. I have a HD3850.
    I play all games (example : COD4, Oblivion Elder scroll IV) on 1680x1050 and max settings except crysis. I don't pay too much attention to the frame rates as long as I can play the game smooth enough.
  7. The video card supports up to 2560 x 1600, but of course with that TV you'll have at most 1366x768. Oh well, whenever you want better you can spend $250 or so on a 22" monitor and get 1680x1050. You'll have to sit closer to a monitor like that, of course.
  8. Ach sooooo....
    I haven't take a look on the weblink you've gave us.
    Yup! you can't go higher as 1366x768.

    But I am not sure 'bout those visiontek. I have never bought or heard any of visionteks products.
  9. I have personally used Sapphire, with good results, if that helps.

    I like that TV, actually. Very good panel, with good colors and wide vision angles. A monitor that can compare with that would need S-PVA, and it would be more like $660 (Samsung 245T, at newegg). 22" monitors or lower normally use a cheaper panel type (TN), and they're not that good.
  10. See? aevm used a sapphire vga card. I have also used sapphire.
    Here is my vga card list from 2000-2008 :
    ASUS GeForce 2 MX200
    MSI GeForce FX5200
    Gigabyte 6800GS
    Sapphire HD3650
    HIS 3850.
    Not to be mentioned the other system that I have sold, or given to many people. The Systems use only (beside the brands above on my list) XFX, BFG, eVGA, Zotac, and Powercolour
  11. Yep thats actually one of the things i decided early when i was looking into building this computer was that i was not going to switch TV/Monitor until a later build. Playing wow on it in high settings is a beauty (but at a really low FPS due to my craptastic PC) and im so looking forward to play WAR as well.

    As far as the Visiontek well they have lifetime warranty, but there are about 8 different brands of 4850s along with them ASUS and PowerColor (from what ived seen) have gotten really good reviews.
  12. Actually looking into the EP45-DS3R i saw that newegg has a offer if you buy their GB 4850 you save $15 on the EP45-DS3R.

    Seems like they took down the Visiontek bundled with Rainbow6
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