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I've built quite a a few systems by now, but one thing has left me wondering - I've never seen a HDD top the 5,9 mark in Windows Performance score. Some older 5,400 IDE drives reached 5,4 or something like that, but up-to-date 7k+ drives all capped at 5,9, including the Velociraptor from WD. I haven't got my hands on SSD's yet. The indexing site says, that they're testing the "data transfer rate", isn't that capped by the SATA interface? Shouldn't they be testing read/write speeds or seeking times instead?
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  1. Well, if the scale is still 1 to 6, then I'd be happy with a 5.9. I think only really really fast storage setups, such as RAID 0 arrays or SSDs, have a chance of scoring a 6.
  2. I suppose I forgot to mention - I'm talking about the Win 7 index, which has been raised to 7.9. Has anyone seen a HDD beeing rated ABOVE 5.9 under Windows 7? I've seen Velociraptors reaching the top mark in Vista - 5.9 and the same in Windows 7. Somewhat hard to believe, considering it is among the fastest single drives on the market.
  3. I don't know what criteria goes into this score so tough to know. Maybe RAID can increase the throughput enough to pass the 5.9 mark, or maybe a SSD with the random access speed.
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    This new Kingston V Series SSD scored 7.5.
  5. Which is still not the top mark. Wow - Msft sure has set the bar quite high! And the Radeon 5870, beeing wolds fastest graphics chip, reaches only 7.2. Quite a difference from Vistas index, which was apparently too easy to top. Thanks for the replys, everyone, especially Zenthar!
  6. tulx said:
    Msft sure has set the bar quite high!
    ...and if they didn't then people with 2-, 3- or 4-disk arrays of SSDs would complain bitterly that their score wasn't any higher than that of a lowly single-SSD owner... :ange:
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