Viewing my PC on a Standard Def TV (GeForce 6600)

Afternoon Everyone,

(First I have searched high & low and read everything and I can't find an answer to my solution)

I have a GeForce 6600 hooked up with an S-Video out to my Standard Definition TV using the S-Video In.

I have sound connected with RCA inputs/outputs.

The issue is, if I start my PC with the TV connected, as soon as the windows XP splash screen goes away the TV just blanks out to a blue "Input" screen and flashes and jitters a little.

If I have it hooked only to the monitor it starts no problem and I can see my desktop.

If I have it hooked to BOTh at the same time at startup, it displays both the same until the flash screen goes away, it then turns off the monitor and the TV goes jittery again.

The ONLY way that I can make it display on the TV is if I push F8 at startup and choose "VGA Mode" to start windows XP.

It then starts my computer in 640x480 with no graphics drivers (In 4 million colors though still)

While this DOES work for watching divx/dvd movies, it does leave something to be desired. Mostly with the lack of colors in some parts of the movie and the horrible refresh rate when surfing/reading/browsing anything.

So what can I do? When I'm hooked only to the monitor the lowest resolution I can choose is 800x600. And 55 refresh rate.

Is there a setting that I can hit to change the resolution lower? Is that what is causing my TV to only work when in VGA mode?

Please help! I will give additional information, just let me know what you need. I have tried to include every detail of my adventure so far.


- Josh
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  1. Hi Josh,

    Your TV cannot support the resolution that your graphics card is giving, that's probably why you can only start it up in 640x480.

    What is the make and model of your tv?

    I don't think there is really much else you can do to get a better resolution from your tv.

    When you change your resolution to 800x600, does your tv still go blank when starting windows?
  2. Its a Sanyo 32" (Flat Glass Tube).

    Exactly what I was thinking was my issue. That my TV only supports 640x480 I'm TOTALLY alright with that.

    However even when I start it with 800x600 it goes to the jittering input screen.

    And the issue I'm having is my video card (GeForce 6600GT EVGA with Newest Nvidia drivers does not give me an option to go down to 640x480) I even tried the "Custom" resolution under the advanced display properties, but when it refreshes it says "Your changes have been made press yes in 15 seconds to save" yet it doesn't actually change down to 640x480 and it doesn't safe the change as a "Custom" resolution.

    So what can I do to get it to always display 640x480?

    - Josh
  3. I'm going to try this next.

    This article was previously published under Q286906
    When you are using the slider on the Settings tab of the Display Properties dialog box to change the screen resolution, the slider will only go as low as 800 X 600. Also, the Color quality setting will not go lower than 16-bit.

    Back to the top
    640 X 480 resolution and 256 colors are not supported display settings for Windows XP.

    Back to the top
    NOTE: This workaround is not supported by Microsoft.

    To work around this issue, follow these steps:
    1. In the Display Properties dialog box, click the Settings tab.
    2. Click the Advanced button.
    3. Click the Adapter tab, and then click the List all modes button.
    4. Select the resolution, color depth, and refresh rate that you want and click OK.
  4. Hope it works for you :-)
  5. I tried for another 2 hours and I can't get it.

    So far what I did accomplish was I was able to turn on dual monitor mode, i was able to clone the main screen and using the "List All Modes" option I changed both screens to 640x480 @ 32bit w/60hz refresh.

    Viola they both worked.

    However, after a restart it went kaput again!

    This time after changing every option I could not get it to reproduce the same outcome as last time.

    And the only way I can start the process over is I have to disconnected the S-Video on the card and start with only the monitor on. Not something I want to do once this thing is nestled in with my entertainment stand.

    What other options do I have? Different graphics card? Different adapters or connections!? Help!
  6. I don't think it will help to change to a different graphics card. The problem will be the same. Your TV won't support the resolution that the graphics card is running.You will have to find a way to make your windows stay in 640x480 to enable you to see anything on the tv.
  7. Hi Perfectglitch,

    I also had the same problem. The problem is not with your screen but with the settings for your adapter. Using the nView control panel, select your TV as the main display. This should solve your problem.
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